Patrick Crewdson - self-Googler, Auckland

Monday, September 20, 2004

Press clippings

Yet more on the ASPA awards:

- Russell Brown was one of the judges for best publication. He came down the pub with us after the awards. He savours the whiskey and lauds the talent here.

- Dog Biting Men is a fresh new blog from the producers of Media Cow and 'Suicide and how to do it'. Neil Falloon impersonates Steve Braunias and calls me short here. (I suspect Falloon is an alias for Ben Thomas - as Media Cow is for David Young - but I could be mistaken). The student media theme continues here, with the touching tale of how David and Ben met over a pile of burning Craccums.

- Sarah Barnett details here how her mag, Salient, swept the awards.

- Critic strikes back by dominating Olivia Kember's lovely Flipside report here.

And it's not really ASPA-related, but while I'm collecting favourable notices:

- Fighting Talk rates a mention in an article in the latest Salient called 'All your Blog are Belong to Us'. Sarah puts "[sic]" alongside quotes from LiveJournal and calls me a talent pimp here.