Hamish McKenzie - outraged, London, Ontario

Friday, May 27, 2005


The press release for Richard Meros' book On the conditions and possibilities of Helen Clark taking me as her Young Lover was deemed to breach Scoop's 'good taste' standards. It was duly removed. Click here to see the blank space where the press release used to be. [See below for the release in its beautiful original entirety.]

Apparently, this release from Maxim, cheering on the removal of filibusters from the US Senate, was not seen to breach Scoop's standards of good taste. Go figure.


STOP! If you have standards of good taste, read no further. The following press release mentions nipples, squinted eyes, and Ken Shirley. Proceed at your own risk.

Outrageous new book imagines PM’s love-life

Never before has an author so audaciously propositioned the Prime Minister through print.

On the conditions and possibilities of Helen Clark taking me as her Young Lover, a trail-blazing work by Richard Meros, is set to rattle chains in New Zealand’s highest echelons.

First-time author Meros wrestles with desire, the difficulties of courting a major political figure, and “physiological considerations for young lovers” in a book that will raise the pulse of any self-respecting Head of State.

Positing himself as the Prime Minister’s ideal toy-boy, Meros openly fantasizes about attracting Ms Clark with his taut nipples and squinted – yet unfocussed – eyes. He muses aloud: “This young lover will embody the veracity and lust so often attributed to youth, re-invigorating Helen. She will be like a vampire who has stumbled into a nursery.”

OTCAPOHCTMAHYL moves from essay-like beginnings to heady narrative in five rampaging chapters, merging scholarly interrogation with barely-contained ravings.
Discussing such intricacies as the “erotic Zen of ken Shirley,” societal power relations, and the potentialities of clipped muff, OTCAPOHCTMAHYL aims to both entertain and provoke.

No book will make a greater impression this year.

For further information or book orders, contact the author at meros@cornerpub.com. Books are $10 each.