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Friday, August 26, 2005

Meros reloaded

Richard Meros had difficulty with Scoop last time he tried to submit a press release about his ground-breaking book to that site. Apparently the release breached Scoop's good taste standards. (Click here to see the original release.) So this time he's by-passed that august organ and sent his release directly to this rather smaller - but perfectly formed - organ. It may still pop up on Scoop in days to come, but we've got it first. How lucky we are.

And here it is:

PM’s young suitor at it again

It's been lauded by the Guardian as "not for the squeamish," heralded by the Sunday Star-Times as an "unforgettable novella," and completely ignored by the New Zealand Listener – and now it's back to unsettle the election-jangled nerves of New Zealand's highest power.

On the Conditions and Possibilities of Helen Clark Taking Me as Her Young Lover is now out in a fully-edited, post-scripted second edition.

Wellington author Richard Meros wrestles with desire, the difficulties of courting a major political figure, and "physiological considerations for young lovers" in a book that will raise the pulse of any self-respecting Head of State.

Positing himself as the Prime Minister's ideal toy-boy, Meros openly fantasizes about attracting Ms Clark with his taut nipples and squinted – yet unfocussed – eyes. He muses aloud: "This young lover will embody the veracity and lust so often attributed to youth, re-invigorating Helen. She will be like a vampire who has stumbled into a nursery."

On the Conditions and Possibilities of Helen Clark Taking Me as Her Young Lover is available for sale in Wellington from Aro Arts, Graphic, The Freedom Shoppe, Real Groovy, and Unity Books. It is also on sale at the University Book Shop, Dunedin.

Mail orders will be accepted by Aro Arts, 91 Aro St, Wellington. $10 plus $1 postage and handling within NZ. Make cheques out to “Aro Arts Trust”.

Or you can contact the author directly: richardmeros@hotmail.com

Other praise for OTCAPOHCTMAHYL:

“Apparently, Piggy Muldoon never inspired similar sentiments.” – The Age, Melbourne

On The Conditions and Possibilities of Helen Clark Taking Me As Her Young Lover even has an index” – National Business Review

“Appalling! Scandalous! Fantastic!” – Fighting Talk

Disclosure: Richard Meros is my friend