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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Part two of a multi-part series...

Twelve Reasons Not to Vote for ACT

1 Because they stole that nice Mr Dunne's place in the TV3 debate.

2 Because of the unconscionable way they treated Donna Awatere-Huata.

3 Deborah Coddington has gone back into journalism — you intend to vote for the Herald on Sunday.

4 The image of hundreds of eligible voters working together to bring Rodney over his threshold is a bit far-fetched.

Put it another way: you know what they say about ACT voters and sinking ships.

5 Let's face facts: nobody likes Muriel Newman.

6 Rodney Hide maintains a regular weblog. Geek. Geeking it up on taxpayer time, too, I'll wager.

7 Because Aaron Bhatnagar has gone haring off to National, and Aaron is like a god to you.

8 Association of Cocksuckers and Taxpayers. Ah ha ha ha ha!

9 If you really want to keep the main parties honest, it would be simplest just to shoot them.

10 Boo hoo hoo, look at me, I'm Richard Prebble, boo hoo hoo.

11 On their website they refer to themselves as "The Party With Backbone," but as these billboards clearly indicate, their leader has no neck.

12 Sometimes, in the dead of night, you suspect that maybe poor people might have worth after all.