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Monday, October 03, 2005

Full list of ASPA winners and other guff

Ben Thomas, cured of his hangover, has kindly furnished me with the full gamut of ASPA award winners from Saturday night. Please note: I made a couple of mistakes in my last post. The results listed below are final and official -- at least until I find out otherwise. Oh yeah, and the ASPA Awards are held in association with the New Zealand Listener.

In the meantime, a short word (not "wombat") on VUW's injunction against Salient. No, actually, I'm going to make it a few words, and a mix between long and short. Here they are: blatant and unfair intimidation. God forbid that for once students actually be given advance notice of a university's attempt to once again hike fees (Critic has the story here). Universities routinely wait until students are embroiled in exams or have left for the year before deciding on fee increases. It's about time they were held to account by their major stakeholders: the students.

For VUW to attempt to muzzle a humble little student newspaper reeks of bully-in-the-playground stuff. Can you imagine them attempting such a move against the Dom Post or the Herald?

The lovely thing is, because of this cowardly injunction (come on VUW, if your figures are defensible, defend them to the people they'll be affecting the most), the issue has got national media play, when before it would likely have been confined to the 80gsm matt pages of a low-circulation student rag.

Another good thing is that it's more exposure for student media, which is having a banger of a year.

It was also nice to see overwhelming support for Critic, vis a vis the drug-rape article, in this week's letters pages.

And now for the results...

Best Cartoonist
1. Colin Andrews, Critic
2. James Squires, Canta; Roy Cunningham, Nexus

Best Reviewer
1. Aaron Hawkins, Critic
2. Gareth Heta, Canta
3. Rob Hay, Magneto

Best Cover
1. Craccum
2. Critic
3. Salient

Best Education Writer
1. Megan McKechnie, In Unison
2. Alec Hutchinson, Craccum
3. Chris Leggett, Sattelite

Best Maori Content
1. Critic

Best News Writer (Volunteer)
1. Nicola Kean, Salient
2. Kate Wright, Magneto; Chris Grala, Craccum

Best News Writer (Paid)
1. Kate Newton, Critic
2. Keith Ng, Salient
3. Cushla Thompson, Canta

Best Sports Writer
1. Nick Holm, Chaff
2. William Fussey, Canta; Lucy Smith, Nexus

Best Columnist
1. Alec Hutchinson, Craccum
2. Georgia Jamieson Emms, Salient; Nick Gibb, Chaff

Best Humour Content
1. Geoff Brischke, Salient
2. Ryan Sproull and Chris Grala, Craccum
3. Dean Kilbride, Canta

Best Feature
1. Erica Chellis, Magneto
2. Dawn Tuffey, Nexus; Toby Turner, Craccum

Best Feature Writer
1. Alec Hutchinson, Craccum
2. Ryan Brown-Haysom, Critic; Nick Holm, Chaff

Best Editorial Writer
1. Holly Walker, Critic
2. Emily Braunstein, Salient
3. Stian Overdahl, Craccum

Best Designed Publication
1. Critic
2. In Unison
3. Craccum

Best Small Publication
1. Debate
2. Magneto
3. Satellite; In Unison

Best Publication
1. Critic
2. Salient
3. Critic

Great to see a good spread of results, and smaller publications like In Unison, Magneto and Satellite featuring amongst the winners. And Alec Hutchinson from Craccum must be congratulated for an excellent personal haul.

Here's where each of the mentioned publications are from:

Critic: Otago University
Salient: Victoria University
Craccum: Auckland University
Chaff: Massey University (PN)
Nexus: Waikato University
Canta: Canterbury University
Debate: Auckland University of Technology
In Unison: Auckland Unitech
Magneto: Massey University, Wellington Campus
Satellite: Massey University, Albany Campus

The distinguished judges were: Russell Brown, David Young, Patrick Crewdson, Selwyn Manning, Steve Braunias, Ant Sang, Lyndon Hood, Elliot "Askew" O'Donnell, Ed Mason, Michael Appleton, Denis Welch, David Cohen, Alistair Bone, Nicki Burrows, Wayne Hope, Ant Hiron, Tim Watkin, Damian Christie, Raybon Kan, Simon Pound, Tapu Misa, Chris Trotter, Martyn "Bomber" Bradbury, Clark Gayford, Peter Malcouronne, Amy Hamilton, Jon Stephenson, Noelle McCarthy, Simon Collins, Nicky Hager, Corin Lill, Laura Barnsley, Zoe Linsell, Nadine Metzger, Tze Ming Mok, Leah Haines, Jenny Nicholls, Delaney Tabron, Desna Jury, Olivia Kember, James Cardno, Scott Kara, Chris Knox, Richard Scholes, and Malcolm Evans.