Hamish McKenzie - erstwhile editor, London, Ontario

Sunday, October 02, 2005

ASPA Awards

Hearty congratulations to Critic for cleaning up at the ASPA Awards (NZ student press awards) in Auckland last night. (No, that doesn't mean the Critic team attended to the sweeping of rubbish and washing of dishes after the boozy ceremony.) Winners of Best Publication, Best Design, Best Editorials, Best News Writer, Best Reviewer, Best Maori Content, and Best Comics. A sterling effort and fully deserved, particularly in light of recent scandal over the drug-rape article. Nice to see the good guys get one up on Salient, too, although I gather they did quite well, as did Auckland University's Craccum.

Anyway, to everyone at Critic: Smashing job, guys. Bloody good stuff.

Apparently Mary Lambie, MC for the night, did much to remind the crowd of editor Holly Walker's supposed endorsement of rape. "Watch your drinks everyone," she said, "Holly Walker's here". Or words to that effect.

I'd like to be able to present a full list of winners, but unfortunately they're yet to be officially released. That's a nice way of saying Ben Thomas, the awards organiser, didn't email them to me. So, here's the Critic honours roll, which I gleaned from Holly over the phone while her and the kids were celebrating in appropriate style at a seedy karaoke joint. (I've linked to a sample of each winner's work.)

Best Publication: Critic
Best Design: Critic
Best Editorial: Holly Walker
Best News Writer: Kate Newton (Last year's winner, Keith Ng, was second)
Best Reviewer: Aaron Hawkins
Best Comics: Colin Andrews
Best Maori Content: Critic
Second place, Features Writer: Ryan Brown-Haysom