Hamish McKenzie - tired, London, Ont.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Insert witty title here

Today I've been to a morning court session, conducted two interviews, written a court report after cobbling together several versions of fellow students' notes, eaten potatoes with cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce for dinner, and written a 1,000-word story from scratch. I was up at 7.30am, and it's now 2.14am.

This is my first breather.

I'd love to post at length about why I think United Future is about to go down the gurgler (they were practically invisible when they supported the government; they'll be even more obscure and less relevant as a three-MP opposition), but that will have to wait for another time. That other time, of course, being never.

I'd also love to speculate on that very queer letter from Lewis Libby to Judy Miller, but I'm going to favour sleep just this once.

And it would delight me no end to finally offer former Fighting Talker and ex-Salient writer Matt Nippert a proper welcome back to the blogosphere he so ignominously shunned back in April. But I'll have to do that later, or settle for this half-arsed effort. I suspect I will favour the latter. Welcome back, Matt. Link to us once in a while?

Finally, a warning to everyone using the Internet: Don't use your credit card online unless you're sure your spyware removers and antivirus software can detect and remove key-stroke recording trojans. It was a mistake that cost me $3,500. Just hoping MasterCard will tell me I don't have to pay it back. Meanwhile, some lucky fucker in Australia is treating himself to a cruise on my credit card debt.