Holly Walker - Golden Girl, Dunedin

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cool Nanas

How cool are these ladies? Assuming I'm left behind after the death of a spouse with an inferiour life expectancy, I fully intend to get some mates together and go flatting when I'm their age. Think of it: a roster to reduce the pressure of looking after a place by yourself, built-in buddies to combat loneliness, an expanded pool of people coming to visit, and reduced power and phone bills and cheap rent (cos a pension ain't worth much and that Cullen fund doesn't look too promising). Not to mention having gfs on hand to share clothes and gossip about your neighbours with, and of course, a red card system.

This could be the answer for all those families guiltily thinking about shipping their parents off to rest homes and into full-time care: just get them together with their buddies and put them up somewhere. You could even make money off them as their landlord. Brilliant!