Hamish McKenzie - alive again, Wellington

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pithy observations in easy-to-read list form

I've had a blogging holiday. You've all been affected severely, I know. It just so happened that my blogging holiday coincided with my real holiday, which was happily undertaken in the South Island of New Zealand.

I am now in Wellington, half-way through a four-week internship at a local media establishment. I am enjoying both the work and the city. But not today. Today the news has decided not to happen. At least, that is, to not happen on an insignificant enough scale for a lowly gofer boy to write stories on it. Consequently, I have been reading the Internet all day.

Time to distract myself on Fighting Talk then.

Some observations on life in Wellington (crucial words in bold):

- Even an outsider can't walk down the street without bumping into people he knows.

- The rumours of the wind have a basis.

- The escort service for which 'Carolyn' works for consistently runs a classified ad in the Dom Post, and, no, this isn't an indication that there's a shortage of sex workers in the region, nor is there a boom in the industry.

- The plentiful Malaysian curry purveyors are a delight to discover.

- Wellington's gnarly surf beaches don't have a lot more to offer than the beaches of Lake Dunstan in the South Island.

- The New Zealand accent really is quite horrific. I have no idea what North Americans find cute about it.

- That last point's not really about Wellington.

- Apparently there are no practitioners of music aside from Fat Freddy's Drop.

- Tapered jeans are in for indy grrlz. Funny what happens when you go away for a year.

- Big sunglasses are also in -- as they are in Canada -- which people just luuurrve because they're big enough to hide their ugly faces.

- Despite reports to the contrary, King Kong was actually pretty bad. That film was made in Wellington, so I think it's fair to include on this list. I would have blogged about this at the time, but I was on my blogging holiday. Its problem was chiefly related to the first hour, which had superfluous scripting, unnecessary character relationships, and a cringeworthily (note: word made up) forced Heart of Darkness analogy.

- The Aro Valley is just like Dunedin's Northeast Valley, and all the more endearing for it.

- I don't like wearing a shirt. Or tie. Or dress shoes.

That will be all.