Patrick Crewdson - unable to focus, Auckland

Thursday, August 19, 2004


Astute readers of both Fighting Talk and the Listener's contents page may have noticed a FT-flavoured double team in this week's issue. If you haven't already bought and devoured (by which I mean 'read') a copy, check out the article Matt and I wrote about smut peddler Steve Crow, the Erotica Adult Lifestyles Expo and the mainstreaming of porn. Here's a taste:
Looking out the window of his gated Ellerslie apartment, Steve Crow can see a church spire, proudly erect. He recoils at the labels some Christians have hurled at him. "They called me a child pornographer," he says indignantly.

Shouldn't New Zealand's porn king expect that? "I'm quite happy for you to call me a pornographer," he explains. "I'm quite happy for you to call me a sleazeball, whatever you want to call me. But keep it factual."
By way of further self-congratulation, I'd also like to announce that - after months of hard slog, self-sacrifice, and unattractive envious spells directed at my more successful peers - I now have a job. Congratulatory bouquets can be addressed to:

Patrick Crewdson
Herald on Sunday

I'm going to stay on and finish journalism school, and then I'll start work at the beginning of November.


The people behind the Campaign for Civil Unions have decided to drop the 'rally for human rights' that was planned to coincide with the Destiny Church 'Enough is Enough' march on Monday. The reason give by Civil Union campaign spokesman Jeremy Lambert for cancelling the protest - that the Enough is Enough turn-out was low in Auckland and that civil union campaigners have decided "to focus our resources on more useful activities" - isn't very convincing. Neither is the spin that the cancellation constitutes a 'boycott' of the Destiny event.

When I spoke to the Destiny people in New Plymouth two weeks ago they were hoping for 20-30,000 people at their march (website here. Note the countdown timer at the bottom. Anyone else reminded of the page dedicated to the day the Olsen Twins become legal?) I can't see them achieving those sorts of numbers, but they had 1000 at their dry run in Auckland two weeks ago, so it's possible they'll get a least a couple of thousand in Wellington. The Auckland event won them space in the Herald and the Sunday Star-Times (and on TVNZ, I think, but I could be wrong). The Wellington event, if it's larger, has a good chance of getting serious coverage, so it's a shame there won't be an opposing media event. A press briefing at St Andrew’s on The Terrace won't cut it, I'm afraid, at least not in terms of providing picture opportunities.


On a more amusing note, check out 'Winnie the Pooh is my co-worker', from McSweeney's Internet Tendency:
Maureen brought the new guy around who's going to be working in our group. After the Jason fiasco, we really could use someone with a little bit of a brain who can keep up on things. This guy's named Winnie and, I don't know, I just have a bad feeling.
Winnie the Pooh. I hate that guy.