Hamish and Lyndon - naysayers

Friday, September 09, 2005

12 Reasons Not to Vote for New Zealand First

1. Winston Peters

2. Winston Peters

3. Winston Peters... has said he won't go into a coalition with either major party and will instead sit on the cross benches. Clearly this a complete abdication of self-interest seeing as it is likely to: a) dethrone him as King-maker; b) threaten his 5% threshold; c) jeopardise his hair-fund; and d) mean he can't become new bestest-best friends with the charming Peter Dunne.

4. Ron Mark. Ha! You thuoght we were going to say Winston Peters again, didn't you?

5. Winston Peters

6. Giving Winston Peters any sort of power would heighten the likelihood of terrorist attacks from legitimate, docile Iraqi refugees.

7. Brent Catchpole. Ha ha ha ha! Just kidding. We meant Winston Peters.

8. This guy.

9. Brian Donnelly

10. Peter Brown

11. Craig McNair. Seriously. Actually, no, not seriously. We meant your grandmother.

12. Winston 'You can't resist my smouldering eyes and podium-perfect hair' Peters.