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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I don't know if you've come across it yet, but this Internet thing really has some amazing stuff.

For instance, check out this searing protest song by Texan hip-hoppers K-Otix, who damn the President of the United States of America George W. Bush for his not liking black people. You know it's true because it's laid over a Kanye West track.

In the magazine-formerly-known-as-the-magazine-I-used-to-edit this week there's a fascinating, and surely rare, interview with Max Hardcore, one of the porn industry's most hated and successful slimes. A warning though: this story, while morbidly fascinating, is grossly offensive. I don't suggest anyone read it, including you, grandma. Actually, Dad, you probably shouldn't read it either.

Critic also carries a naughtily provocative piece called "Diary of a Drug Rapist". It's worse than it sounds, but it's also the most effective drug-rape education piece I've read (and trust me, as a former student journalist, I've been subjected to a few). Grandma, don't read this one either.

Yes Holly, that's twice I've linked to Critic. Better update your weblog now. And don't just post outdated photos. Unless they have me in them. Then I could send them to my grandma. Nooch!

To everyone who's reading: Click here, select "the whole enchilada," and witness my current favourite band and hear songs from their great newish album, Twin Cinema. It will make you more popular with your friends.

Hang on, I haven't talked about politics yet -- what kind of a self-important blogger do I think I am?

Well, I was watching the Canadian media carefully over the weekend for any mention of the New Zealand election. Unfortunately, we barely rated a mention. Seemingly, we're less important than Germans and Afghans. Nice to get some perspective after getting caught up in all the spin and heat of our country-hick election. We didn't even make the BBC World half-hour bulletin (the CBC has locked out its staff at the moment, so they're aren't on air), or the Globe and Mail (well, except for one Chris Laidlaw op-ed a couple of days before polling). We did, however, make my local rag, although that's probably only because it relies on wire copy, and most of its readers wouldn't know where Afghanistan is, let alone Germany.