Hamish McKenzie - once bitten, London, Ontario

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Oh dear. My successor at Critic is in for some grief.

Rape Crisis is outraged at the "Diary of a Drug Rapist" article I linked to yesterday. The campus cop (accurately) called it "hard-core" and (inaccurately) suggested it degraded women and gave clear instructions of how to drug and rape someone.

If anything, Rape Crisis and the campus cop should be thanking Critic for the story.

"Diary of a Drug Rapist" has packaged the grisly details of drug rape into a readable, entertaining, and, most importantly, provocative piece that people can actually learn from. It is by far the most effective communication of the dangers of drug rape I have read.

Really, the fictional account is a compendium of everything a potential victim needs to know about such a heinous crime. It is one example of journalism that treats the subject with the gravity it deserves. Rape Crisis and the police, with all their resources and campaigning on this problem, haven't even come close to getting the message across so effectively.

With one foul swoop (terribly weak pun intended) Critic has (at least for a little while, perhaps) stimulated debate at the national level. It made the Herald, it made National Radio, it's going to be on TV3, and probably more. That means the story was a success. That means the message will get across.

Well done Critic.