Holly Walker - not making any promises, Newtown, Wellington

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Remember me?

I hate people who don't post or write for ages, then get all guilt-stricken and make extravagant promises about blogging regularly from now on. So I make no promises. I'll probably be a slack bitch and hardly ever post on here, ok? That way when I do, my posts will be like rare gems.

I now live in Wellington. Admittedly the move was a while ago, but it does take a while to settle in, I've found. And I had to go back to Dunedin for three weeks in the middle, so that threw me a bit too. But I think it's fair to say that I am now established. I have ten-trip bus tickets, coffee loyalty cards, people I see on the bus everyday and don't know whether to smile in recognition when I see them off the bus, and a job.

I've crossed over – without ever actually being a proper journalist – to the dark side - PR. But PR for the good guys isn't really bad, right? I should be clear, since I'm working for a political party, that my views on here aren't those of the party I work for, and vice versa. I'll mostly just ramble about myself anyway, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I probably should also mention that a magazine I edited got banned. Unfortunately, it happened at a time when there was no editor at Critic – I'd just left and that new guy hadn't yet started – so Critic wasn't able to respond publicly. But I'm over it. Hamish and Lyndon did an admirable job of talking about the decision when it came out, and I'm happy to leave the FT contribution to the issue at that. I guess I'm a smut peddler now, though. Cool.

That should do it for a re-introductory post. I promise not to promise to start posting on a regular basis with actual intelligent comment on pertinent issues from now on.