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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Giving My Family More Better Life

The communication between Mr. Kwame and myself (here's Part One, in case you missed it) continues, having so far avoided eyebrows and not passed through any back doors...


Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 09:31:32 -0800 (PST)
From: david kwame
Reply-To: david kwame
Subject: Urgent Mail From David.
To: "max.j@paradise.net.nz"

Dear Max.


I received your email. I quite understand your worries and fears. But I want you to erase those fears and doubtfulness from your mind and lets deal our self wholeheartedly and devoid greed.This transaction has nothing to do with hoax or scam is 100% risk free and safe .

Your friends may not be 100% telling you the truth. The truth of the matter is that those emails are normally sent out by government sponsored propaganda to stop foreigner from assist our past and present African leaders , top civil servant directors of bank from moving huge funds out side the shores of Africa to foreign accounts abroad. However I want you to also understand that criminality’s is practiced eventually in the whole world even your country NZ. All we should be praying for in life is to meet with right persons in life .

Nonetheless this transaction is a divine opportunity we can not afford to lose this great opportunity . We need to give our family more better life.

I look at you as a responsible personality this why i contacted you .I expect you to use your wide experience in dealing with this transaction professionally to enable us complete this transaction successfully.

I have put in place every modalities to ensure hitch free transaction . You are not going to pass through any back doors . You are going to be dealing with the bank legally so don’t be skeptical your security is my security. I’m a man of my word. We all have our integrity and personalities to protect in our various communities . We are very much on track this I can assure. I believe action speaks louder than voice .

My guarantees is that the funds is right there in the bank. Try to understand that nothing is more than we having trust for each other and also standing by our words.

Mores we can exchange our international passport for us to be more comfortable
with our self . what do you think?

Acknowledge the receipt of this email.

Best Regards.


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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 14:55:27 +1300 (NZDT)
From: Max Johns
Subject: Re: Urgent Mail From David.
To: david kwame

Hello and Greetings and Hi David,

Many thanks and cheers for your reassurances concerning this matter and its major legitimacies. I now feel much calmer like the eye of the storm and able to proceed as a pawn. The trust we have building between us is highly good. You write truly about the prevalence of criminals and such, and convince me that while we must be wary and attentive, we need not distrust all of those who send unexpected emails promising the easy gain of millions of dollars. After all, as the lesson of my favorite book (now also a major motion picture) preaches, if we never believe the words of strangers, never will we find what growths might enter our persons.

I understand that you will need numbers of my passport from me to allow this transaction to occur. Sadly I am not a passport holder at this time, as my passport which I once owned has been unfairly dealt to by a heavy-handed government. I am sure you understand much about governing appointees and the weight of their decisions and limbs. And it is before my appeal occurs, therefore I am left stranded like an island in this my home country, unable to travel or even visit airports for my once-regular shopping sprees. I hope to soon win over the authorities and convince then that I always travel with carefully rolled grass clippings and also crystals of great worth in my sock. I feel that travelling with a piece of one's home land facilitates the bringing of good luck and the keeping away of the bad.

As it is I am happy to hear that your work on this matter has proceeded well and on track and with no problems or hitches or glitches. I trust that the transfer can happen soon, and that we will both live happily ever after.

Yours in gleeful anticipation,

Max Johns.