Lyndon Hood - Digester, Lower Hutt

Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Hood: Parliament Must Stockpile an Anti-Tennis-Ball Vaccine

Over recent weeks the public has become more and more aware of a major risk. One that threatens the stability of our country. One that stikes unexpectedly and leaves the helpless victim - though he might not know it for months - as good as dead.

It has already shown its potential to attack the highest levels of state. If it strikes again, our country could be left leaderless in the midst of a crisis.

We must ask: is our Government doing enough to fight tennis-ball related accusations?

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... or, if you would prefer to cast you mind back a little ...

Somewhat dated Hood: Parliament Decries State Interference in World Cup Bid

Parliament, meeting today for the first time after New Zealand's successful world cup bid, decried it as another example of Labour party political interference.

Flexing its muscles against the minority Government, the House passed a motion condemning the Prime Minister's open support of the bid and the proposed large-scale state funding of the event.

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