Lyndon Hood - something of a design guy, Wellington

Tuesday, November 07, 2006



Surely that would be 'starkesque'?

I mean, 'starkish' sounds like land that's maybe a bit barren or someone that's only somewhat completely naked.

And if I was defining such a word, then I would be tending towards something like, 'looking very pretty indeed, but being famously perhaps dangerously unfit for its apparent purpose'.

Phillipe Stark burst into the design world with an unprecedentedly elegant lemon squeezer that [apparently] wobbled and [obviously] had nothing to catch the pips, and a lovely kettle that won't fit under the tap to be refilled and scalds you if you try to pour from it.

Hence I recommend to any media prizewinners - do not stay in the hotel.

Update (8/11): Okay, it really is about a 'vodka-based drink'. Well, that or one of those Ben Elton novels about the environmental collapse of the planet.