Lyndon Hood - xmas spirit, Wellington

Friday, December 22, 2006

So something seasonal came in Scoop's email:
PA Town to Ban Santa Because He is Undocumented Worker

The people of Hazleton, PA are proud to announce a citizen-organized public awareness campaign called "No Santa for Hazleton." The campaign will use Santa Claus' status as America's most-loved illegal worker to demonstrate Hazleton's new "zero tolerance" policy toward illegal aliens.

Hazleton has been at the forefront of the War on Immigration since this past summer, when, in response to a surge in illegal immigration, the city passed its `Illegal Immigrant Relief Act...

I was particularly impressed because it never actually says it's endorsed by the city. Although there are some "quotes" from the Major on their website (No Santa for Hazleton, and I just had to correct the spelling of the web address on Scoop's version of the press release) and of course have the Major's office for contact details. Anyway, Reuters played spoilsport...
Hoax Web site jabs anti-illegal immigrant U.S. town

A couple of relateds, from the Rolling Stone blog...
Building a Border Fence... With Illegal Labor

The Golden State Fence company, a firm that builds border fencing to keep illegal immigrants out of the San Diego area, has just been fined $5 million for… wait for it… employing illegal immigrants to build its border fencing.

... and Age Concern:
Age Concern salutes older worker: Santa

Have a good one.