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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Quote of the Day: "Thats The Way You Do It!"

Noticed this a while back, from Henry Mayhew's no-doubt fascinating immersion into 1840s street life London Labour and the London Poor, and I don't recall sharing.

I was going to mention it in the context of my Punch and Judy researches. I'm clearly falling behind in my bloggage.

It's just struck me that, about a week ago, it would have been doubly topical.

Mayhew gets a lesson from on high theatre from the Punch and Judy Man:
Otheller murders his wife, ye know, like Punch does. Otheller kills her, 'cause the green-eyed monster has got into his 'art, and he being so extremely fond on her; but Punch kills his'n by accident, though he did not intend to do it, for the Act of Parliament against husbands beating wives was not known in his time. A most excellent law that there, for it causes husbands and wives to be kind and natural one with the other, all through the society of life.

And in the spirit of catching up, you'll be reassured to see picture of me in a Punch mask I made:

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