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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Werewolf » From the Hood: Boraxing poetical

I basically finished it on the Monday so it was kind of maddening to watch Gerry's side of the mining debate get even weirder. As, in Parliament, holding up pictures of Labour MPs in mines to show their contradictory behavior, viz: not being against all mining at the same time as not wanting to dig up the entire country.

But I had more than enough verses as it was.

So it's also occurred to me, further to the image, it's still not clear whether whether Gerry is trying to get us to dig mines or to lead us down the rabbit hole.

Anyway, between the mining and a certain person's outraged status updates on the welfare, I had a number of short, daft quotes for politicians. Which in turn required – as a matter of necessity – a rather obvious tribute to Whim Wham.

Anyone who can spot the edits since they went up wins a clearly having too much time on their hands.

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