Lyndon Hood - Interviewee, Lower Hutt

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Get some sun. It promotes Vitamin D and Seratonin. Some think that more people die of not getting enough sun than getting too much.

Improve your social dominance standing by listening to gangsta rap. It makes you aggressive.

That William S. Burroughs knows a thing or two.

Actually think about a political party's social and economic policy before changing your opinion.

Don't sneer at people just because they disagree with you. I mean, Helen Clark must have alienated the whole world now.

"Preferred Prime Minister" indeed.

You never know when you'll do something excellent.

Maybe it's just that I don't watch television anymore, but has the casual misuse of the word "refute" gone out of fashion?

Man, I could quote Machiavelli on world affairs all day.

Headlines we haven't seen: "Bush Promises More Efficient Electoral Corruption".

If, for some reason, you had to choose between National in New Zealand or the Republicans again in the US, what would you do?

It is of course my patriotic duty to point out that climbing Everest doesn't count if you don't make it back.

And the covenant between the Ratana Church and the Labour Party doesn't count unless it's kept in a magic box that melts Nazis.

Whatever you're doing, if it gets all screwed up say, "It's all turned to custard." Custard is yummy.

If all else fails, try an aphorism. An aphorism has something for everybody.

It doesn't take much effort to have a user-friendly job application process, but it makes you a lot of friends.

When somebody says we should forget about the past, start looking forward and move along, you know they're talking for the winners.

When somebody talks about a "win-win situation" I automatically try and work out who's getting fleeced.

I like to think that with the timing of the earthquakes we've been having that some people actually were having sex.

It doesn't make any difference if you get thin, saturated fat is still bad for you.

Why would you take advice from some random schmuck on the web?