Lyndon Hood - smite-tease, Lower Hutt

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Proposed Finance Policy


(i) The Bible explicitly condemns the lending of money at interest among co-religionists, yet this is shamelessly done throughout New Zealand today.

(ii) This practise, too long tolerated through the moral cowardice of successive governments, is now being actively encouraged.

(iii) The current Government, as well as having investments of its own, and investment is nothing but self-promoting usury, is also encouraging investments in others and plans to do more.

(iv) This iniquity has continued beyond all reason.

(v) The Destiny Party pledges to enact a committee of inquisition (see Justice Policy, 4, i-iv) to determine whether various economic transactions are lending at interest or merely a proportional fee for service, as was the original arrangement when Jacob grazed his uncle Laban's sheep.

(vi) Those found to be engaged in in usury shall be warned, and if they persist, shall be shaken from his house and labour even as Nemeniah shook his lap.

(vii) All share trading, investment, borrowing, student loans, interest-bearing bank accounts and commission sales will be suspended pending the committee's report.

(viii) After this evil has been purged a new economic system will be established based on lending exclusively to foreigners and heathens.


(i) All are commanded by the Bible to give the best tenth of their income to God.

(ii) That doesn't mean giving money to the State, nor to charity, but to the Church.

(iii) I think we all know which Church we're talking about here.

(iv) This may seem onerous to some, but it will be compensated for by the total abolition of all taxes.

(v) What need we to support the huge structure of Government when the only leadership Christ recognises is that of the freelance prophet-judge?

(vi) The practise of tithing also discourages richness, which while not precisely forbidden by the Bible is famously warned about, with reference to camels.

(vii) Tithing as operated under Destiny Party policy relieves the mass of people of an encumberance to salvation by concentrating wealth in the hands of a few souls holy enough to transcend the spiritual perils of wealth.


(i) The Destiny Party will govern New Zealand in accordance with God's will not just in fiscal policy as in all others.

(ii) This will cause us to achieve worldly prosperity due to the power of His blessing, whereas if we continue to defy him, we will as surely be destroyed economically as bodily.

(iii) For does history and experience not show that the morally righteous always triumph over the iniquitous?


(i) The Destiny Party believes in respecting the beliefs of others, where those are compatible with the Bishop's interpretation of scripture.

(ii) So, while the above policies are not negotiable, we will listen to the suggestion of potential coalition partners on other points.

(iii) Such as, how best to promote economic development using the new slave class of homosexuals and mahometans.