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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Here is Sir Humphrey's's response to my last.

Since my main point was that I generally don't have much patience with anything they say, I obviously won't respond in too much detail.

I will admit it was a fairly petty kind of post. After all, if I dissed every blog I consider to be written by aliens we'd be here a long time.

However, since PC picked up on it, I will say this: it was your blog, Lemur, that raises my blood pressure. And that's not retracting anything - the problem we have isn't my backing of my own opinions, so much as your reading comprehension.

Why didn't I write about London? Possibly because a special post to say that I didn't have anything to add might be a bit naff?

It's probably more complicated than that, and there might be a post in it later. Something for us all to look forward to.

UPDATE 10am, 13/7: (Look! An update!) Astigmatic Lemur is going around saying I have "completely rewritten" my original post. I presume he's referring to the way I removed an accidential letter 'c' from the title. Like I said, can't read too good. Would you buy and interpretation of local and world affairs from this man?

And now...

New Hood:NZ Politicians Care About Human Rights All Of A Sudden

Phil Goff today outlined the steps the Government would be taking now that they have suddenly realised that our cricket team is going to Zimbabwe.

"Naturally, we deplore Zimbabwe's human rights record and we will do everything we reasonably can to stop this situation recurring," said Goff, whose main achievement as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade is the opening of free trade negotiations with China ...

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