Lyndon Hood - Gawker, Lower Hutt

Monday, August 29, 2005

Earlier this evening I heard the sound of a new National policy screwup hitting the fan, as I it happened. It wasn't quite the four-car pile-up we've come to expect, but the climax of Don Brash's interview on Newstalk ZB the afternoon went, very approximately, like this:
Don: Well if Gerry Brownlee says abolishing the maori seats isn't a bottom line, then he's wrong.
That's Gerry Brownlee his Maori Affairs Spokesperson, that Don's talking about just there. The person his party keeps as an expert on what their policy is.

And then there's somebody decided it was a good plan to leak a bunch of documents not inconsistent with the idea that the Business Roundtable bought the leadership of the National Party.

It's as if the far-right hand doesn't know what the centre-right hand is doing.

And it brings me to...

My First Theory

The Kookiest One

So, y'know how Labour's got all lefty - spending money on people and cozying up to the Greens and so on?

D'you think maybe that might have been a gambit to draw National into the centre, thus highlighting their internal divisions and causing them to explode through infighting?

Cos it seems to be working.