Kelly Pendergrast - beaming in, San Diego

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Two days ago...

I'm on the plane. I'm gone, out of New Zealand without even a post about the stresses of reducing one's life in order to fit it into a couple of travel bags (mind you, when entering the USA you are allowed up to 64 kilos of baggage. 64 KILOS! Is that ridiculous? I think so). My eyeballs are so dry right now. My teeth are as dirty as you'd imagine. I'm trying to retain my sense of private space whilst on this flying people-mover. Headphones on, hood up, laptop out, a pool of digital light in the dark of the cabin. It's 10:30pm in New Zealand, 3:50am in LA. I am a time traveler.

Of course, I intended to make friends on the plane, to enjoy the journey (apparently it isthe destination) and forgo in-flight alcohol. I could feel my plans become thwarted even before boarding, when the departure lounge filled with ancient Floridians on a package tour (I looked at their name badges) and the flight was delayed due to a burst pipe in one of the toilets. Nevermind. Air travel may be a luxury, but it's still an ordeal. I should do some leg exercises. I don't want to be getting deep vein thrombosis.

So, how about that election then ay?


And now that I'm in a warmer climate, I'm still finding it ridiculously hard to care about the election. Anyway, I've already voted.

In other news - Americans are funny.