Kelly Pendergrast - so hot right now, Wellington

Monday, September 05, 2005


Kanye West, everybody's favourite animal-suit-wearing, Common-producing, Time-magazine-cover-boy stirred up a storm at the recent televised Red Cross appeal for Hurricane Katrina victims. While Mike Myers and other do-gooder celebrities dutifully recited their lines, Kanye ignored the teleprompter and fired off an angry, Bush-baiting rant (which you can watch here).

With this outburst, Kanye joins the lofty ranks of Famous People Using Big Televised Events to Air their Political Views. Others include Michael Moore during his Oscar acceptance speech, Jarvis Cocker waggling his arse at Michael Jackson during the Brit Awards that one time, and Janet Jackson showing everyone her nipple during the Superbowl. Ok, maybe the nipple doesn't count.

Predictably, Kanye's outburst has already been decried as stupid and selfish (or at least inappropriate), but I, for one, think that it was pretty awesome. Live television is usually so banal and formally predictable that moments like this, which manage to break so many unspoken rules of conduct while also making a political point, deserve a fist pump in the air and a celebratory "Whooh!".