Lyndon Hood - Christmas Shopper

Thursday, December 22, 2005


A Man Called Peters by Adrian Heyter (Hodder and Stoughton, 1977)
Jacket design by Errol McLeary

I have a chocolate fish on offer for the best novel written to match this cover.

The actual book is, according to the dust jacket, "basically a story of conflict between the human and spiritual world and the machine-dominated, impersonal world that could be developing now". A world that apparently involves copious amounts of computer punch tape.

Says Heyter: "This book like my previous four is autobiographical, and also a mixture of fact and fiction. I leave each reader to decide, if necessary, which is which; but to me all of it is true. The central character is my friend Peters who I hope will demonstrate what I can only express, that 'something more than total', with the help of which others may succeed where I have failed."

For all I know this could be a piece of political fiction of equivalent magnitude to Atlas Shrugged. But right now, I don't intend to read either.

Just so you know, his first book, "Shiela In The Wind" was about sailing solo from England to New Zealand.