Lyndon Hood - Biting Man, Lower Hutt

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

For the next month or so bloggage will - if such a thing proves possible - be even lighter. Rehearsals, darling - you'll get the details in due course. Anyway, I'm afraid that 'Reasons Why Capitalism is Incompatible with Private Property Rights Number 1' will have to wait a few weeks.

Perhaps, while I'm away, those of you who missed the soltice can celebrate the aphelion.

Right now, here's something I drafted earlier. The Climate Science Coalition has since put out another release. While I'm not the one to say whether the man's one study on the temperature of the lower atmosphere would change what people who have actually reviewed all of the scientific literature on the subject think, I do wonder what special contribution a climatologist has to make to the Transpower debate.


One side-effect of Russel Norman's rise to Green Party co-leadership was to stir up the truth-lovers of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.

To disprove Norman's "fantasies" that the world is getting warmer Dr Vincent Gray cited the last few years of New Zealand temperatures. As we know, New Zealand's temperatures are identical to the world average.

"How can Norman use falsely emotive terms like 'cook' when our own National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) publishes a graph showing a decline in temperatures in New Zealand since 1998?" asked Dr Gray.

It's hardly Dr Gray's fault that the graph - which also shows how variable temperature is year to year - didn't include 2005. Last year was the forth warmest in New Zealand since reliable records started (1998 being the warmest). In a stunning coincidence, the graph has now been updated on the NIWA website.

This sterling piece of well-researched hard science came via the Coalition's Secretary, Terry Dunleavy.

Fighting Talk wonders if this be the same Terry Dunleavy who used to be national convenor for the Bluegreens.

Because, in 2001 that chappie issued a press release headed "Boycott Mobil Say Bluegreens":
"Bluegreens call on New Zealanders to join British environmentalists who are boycotting Mobil's sister company Esso. This uses market forces to tell Mobil we won't stand for the emissions which cause the global warming which looms as a climatic threat to the country we enjoy living in, and which is so dependent on primary produce for our prosperity," said Mr Dunleavy.
What hard times we must live in, when this poor man has to earn a crust working for the Climate Science Coalition. Perhaps Russel Norman has a job going, Terry!