Lyndon Hood - carbon sink, Wellington

Friday, October 06, 2006

For an indication that National actually has started taking environmental politics seriously, check out the production values on the Bluegreens website.

The Bluegreens are "the National Party’s advisory group on environmental issues" but that's not the same as being listened to. Last election their tax plan was taking tax off production and putting it on pollution. Which - forgive me - sounds more like what the Greens were proposing.

Anyway, I was pottering about their site this morning on a quest for National's environment statements from the election in case they suddenly vanished this afternoon. Which was unfair of me.

I went in again this afternoon to seek the discussion document for Scoop.

And the Bluegreen site had gone from something not unlike this (Web Archive from March 2005) to this.

Doesn't look like we'll have a carbon tax, though.

Further to the discussion document, I have to say that while I'm sure it's a perfectly legitimate - even exemplary - use of public money, I do laugh now every time I see the Parliamentary Crest on anything associated with National.