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Friday, February 09, 2007

If I might draw attention to one word in a recent press release from John Key in which he accused Labour of foiling his attempt to feed the poor for their own machiavellian ends. Which accusation was made without, for example, offering particular evidence, considering the plausibility of other scenarios or even asserting that somebody who might know (or who mightn't) had told him.

He called them, the "all-controlling" Labour Government.

You know that one? The Labour Government that exends its manipulative pseudopods into every single apparatus of the state, stopping at nothing to perpetuate the Clark dynasty – like one of those octopusses in the cartoons about the Communist/Chinese Immigrant/Jewish menace?

I have a mental map of the Internet, and there is a border in it defined by the bottom of David Farrar's blog posts, cutting us off from the local denizens of his comments section and the realms beyond.

I have visited, so I can report that, in that strange land, people talk like that all the time.

If that's the constituency Mr Reasonable is pitching for, I want a refund. We can bring back the "must corrupt government ever" guy. Apparently, it won't make any difference to the tone of politics.

No matter how often John Key accuses someone else of being "out of touch" in the coming years, I'll always think of this week and laugh.

And I have to say I'm also having trouble with the idea of political parties engaging in philanthopy. Directly, anyway. Though I'm having trouble working out exactly why.

Perhaps it's because the last time I heard of that happening, the political party was Hamas.


By the way, if you're about the Wellington Fringe, I wouldn't fret too much if you happen to miss The Bowler Hat.

Instead, you should immediately book for Lovers of Central Park. Actual review on Scoop some time today.

[Update (10/2): The Lovers review would be here. I didn't want to talk too much about the detail of what happened so mostly I just gushed. Fringe Coverage will be compiled here.

Incidentally, I don't know how many of you are Sapphire and Steel fans, but it struck me that the messing with time periods that goes on in this show is the kind of behaviour that allows Things to get in from the edges of reality.]