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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've recently come by a television set, after not having having one for — well, for a period that, if you think of it as a decent-sized chunk of my life, make me feel old.

So having finally sat down to watch a TV movie: those ads – intrusive, no?

Also: Close Up at Seven – sucks?

I'm referring to whoever it was that, on hearing that John Key was ferrying a disadvanged preteen to Waitangi for a publicity stunt, said, "Let us film this little girl's big day!"

Not that I watched the whole thing – after about ten seconds of it the TV became an unusually big paperweight for the rest of the evening. And I am actually curious about her experience now I think about it, and, y'know, happy Waitangi Day and all. But I didn't see that opening becoming hard-hitting current affairs any time soon.

If I might invoke analogies with Mark Sainbury's well-publicised pores, or trees (with respect to woods), sometimes focussing on the wrong detail gets in the way of the big picture.

Not exactly Hoods in the generally accepted sense:

Coming back from the weekend, my Sevens pictures were rating third on Scoop, after Kevin's Sevens pictures (the ones with the overly-authenic Borat shoulder-thong guy) and, perhaps for search-engine-related reasons, my Sevens pictures from last year.

Also, I went and saw the Summer Shakespeare. This means that the Fringe is coming, so bloggage may be... well, just as sporadic as it has been.

And as part of all that, the Wellington Improvisation Troupe are coming to a community venue that might be near you and featuring in the 24 Hour Improv-a-thon for the 40 Hour Famine. They'll have improv for Africa.