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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Magic of Television

I saw the new post-being-found-out Ribena ad. One bit confused me as to whose tests they thought were wrong, but the critical moment for me was the assertion that (in saying the berries they make Ribena out of have more vitamin C than oranges) it was "never [their] intention" to imply Ribena had more vitamin C than orange juice.

That is a difficult assertion to support. Even more so because I had previously happened across this porfolio page from Animation Research who, while being neither the client nor the agency, did do the animation and it sound like they're quoting their brief:
The first commercial was created using our in house software, it told the story of “No artificial additives”. The second commercial was created using 3d Studio Max, this commercial told that there is more vitamin C in Ribena than oranges.
Why not just 'fess up and apologise?


I'm please TV3 has someone to France for the election and all, but I'd prefer it if it was someone who didn't pronounce Segolene Royal's first name 'Segleoney'.

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