Lyndon Hood - banninated, Wellington

Monday, July 02, 2007

New Hood: Open Letter To Closed Parliament

Readers may not be surprised to learn I took the banning satirical use of Parliament coverage business rather personally. I also have lots of opinions about the issue in wider terms, many about why it's a bad, bad idea. But aside for the above you'll have to wait and see if I write them down. I may even go to the trouble of working out what it actually means for media of the 'some guy with a laptop and YouTube' variety.

I will mention that person/s unknown have messed with my plan to deface the speaker's image Web 2.0 styles* by removing her photo from the depicto project twice. If it goes again, feel free to load it back up from here. KTHX.

* While this plan does have an intellectual point, if you think about it, in terms of how easy it is to make fun of people in the information age, as well as being a normal reaction to anyone who explicitly demands that they be taken seriously, I also must confess to a certain amount of malicious enjoyment.

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