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Monday, June 22, 2009

So when I heard the No Vote website had a cartoon page (AND clip art navigation!) I just had to go and look and I pretty much got what I expected.

Seems someone doesn't like Mike Moreu


(Quick update: The cartoon appears to be from one Stan Blanch earlier in the year.

See this post on Moreu's blog. Particularly in the comments: "The one he drew in that family first cartoon was a much better likness. Actually, come to think of it, it looks like he just traced the face from the banner on your blog."

Moreu's summary of the business he was actually posting about at the end of the thread is also informative, and adds to the unhappy impression of Stan that you get from skimming his google results.)

This is the kind of thing that makes them look like the kind of people that the kind of people they think think like the person in the cartoon think they are.

I'm stealing their bandwidth, but I take some consolation that image loads by this blog's readership will, shall we say, not be significant.

And also, in this case, I don't care if they suffer.

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