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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fighting Talk Threatens Not to Sue Fictional Monkey

Hopefully, regular readers will be aware that I'm generally quite nice. In fact, most of you have probably met me.

And I like to think I'm reasonable skilled at noticing when two people are talking at crossed purposes,

I guess some folks just weren't meant to get along.

Shortly after my 'defense' of Matt, Sir Humphrey's's Antarctic Lemur noted my response (so far PC has not deigned to acknowledge our continued existence). And told everyone what his Statcounter log said I'd done while I visited their site.

That particular revelation wasn't at all sensitive and would have been about as surprising as an Investigate scoop. But you will gather I didn't like it being published and I don't think it's any way to treat personal information.

So, in my second ever blog comment, I complained.

Now, the reason I said "I'm not going to sue you or anything" is because otherwise, they might have though I was threatening to sue them. Later that day on Sir H ...
A threat levelled at Sir Humphrey's
Posted by Antarctic Lemur at 8:37 PM

... For whatever reason, Mr Hood has decided to level a threat at Sir Humphrey's ...

Comments please. In particular, what exactly does Hood consider to be defamatory about the initial post? ...


In my third-ever blog comment, I issued a clarification.

I'm actually more than a little ambivalent the whole idea of defamation suits. At the moment I'm definitely leaving them to holocaust deniers and former police commisioners.

Well, that's that one over with. It's never as much fun as I imagine.

The Humphries have, on average, been fairly reasonable and, as I scoured their writings for references to myself, I have occasionally read stuff I agree with.

At least there's not much risk of me discovering they're some kind of relative, what with the pseudonyms and everything.