Lyndon Hood - released, Lower Hutt

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So I find it a bit rich for Peter Dunne to, under the UnitedFuture letterhead, complain about the design of anything.

As far as the airport design goes, while I find it so very very odd, and liable to send arriving visitors the message that there's a message here which they don't get, my opposition is tempered by the following observation:

Architecture that looks inexpicably, controversially bizzare, at least as far as public buildings goes, at least make an impression. It is, I think, less likely to become despised and much more likely to become loved than something that offends nobody when it comes out of the committee. My default position is that major public works should offend the sensibilities of most people. Myself included.

So the pumpkins have that in their favour.

Speaking of UnitedFuture, my reader might be intrigued by, and may possibly have missed, this from the other week: New Group Wants Income Splitting For Parents.

It's a press release from "Parents Choice '08", whose chairman is one Roger Ellis. Is that the former member of the United Future executive board Roger Ellis, forming a lobby group to campaign for a United Future policy in election year? I assume it is [in searching around the topic I find Whale Oil noticed this at the time].

Now, I wouldn't think that UF had enough cash to need to make soft money arrangements in view of the Electoral Finance Act.

So... Astroturfing?

Really stupid?

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Lyndon Hood - Former Fifth-Former, Wellington

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Hood: Graffiti Tagged For Destruction

"It’s… it’s the Welcome to Paradise of journalism."
- Some guy in this comments of this post on the Brunswick blog.

As it happens, my first reponse to the anti-graffiti announcement was to post some holiday snaps.

'Update': I should say, though all in all it's pretty clear, that when Colin Espiner says "PM takes on the taggers down in the Hood", he is not referring to me.

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Lyndon hood - couturier, Weliington

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Hood: Sevens Cut & Play Paper Dolls

In retrospect I committed a search-terms faux pas by not including the phrase "sevens costumes" in, for example, the title or the article.

Click here to enlarge

Incidentally, you can still click through to all this year's Scoop photos of Sevens costumes (last years photos were also popular for googlers) and there are parade photos too.

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