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Friday, September 18, 2009

Questions time yesterday:

Paua—Changes to Harvesting Regulations

12. CHRIS TREMAIN (National—Napier) to the Minister of Fisheries: What recent changes to regulations have been made to address the issue of illegally harvested pāua?

Hon PHIL HEATLEY (Minister of Fisheries): Changes to the amateur regulations will now make it illegal to hold more than two times the daily limit of pāua, or the equivalent in meat weight, and that includes in one’s freezer or in one’s international *carry-on. This is just another tool for the *Ministry of Fisheries to target those who traffick in illegally caught pāua.

Chris Tremain: What reports has the Minister seen regarding this policy?

Hon PHIL HEATLEY: A lot of support for this regulation has come through the submission process. Fisheries officers will not go looking through anyone’s freezer for no good reason. I need to make that very clear. I want to reassure our recreational fishers that if Ministry of Fisheries officers are knocking on their door and asking to look in their freezer, it is highly likely that they are the target of a sting operation.

Very "reassuring". Surely Labour would have been crucified for this? Or does paua = maori?

Speaking of which:

Wat the whuck?

Michael Laws' odd outburst at the end of his Campbell Live I/V does sort of make sense, apart from the not-making-sense, if he'd planned it in advance and realised the interview was about to end. Winston taught him well.

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