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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Oh yes...

Werewolf: From The Hood: Striking Comedy Gold

Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee has announced the discovery “significant” quantities of irony underlying the Parliament area of Wellington. He said the Government plans to exploit these to “the maximum possible extent”. More>>

Last Month's Werewolf: From The Hood: The Battle Of No Oil

In twenty ten BP caused a slick
With an oil well they built off the mighty Mississip’.
The platform blew apart at the seams
And sank in a fire you could see from New Orleans.

I kept delaying blogging about the last one because I wanted to write something medium-length about the hilarious historical revisionism involved in the 'British Version'. Long story short, read the end of that column, the watch this:

... the comments in YouTube can get a bit crabby.

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