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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

rightEurorecovery Made Easy

With the European economy teetering on a knife edge – in fact, on the day after François Hollande’s election as President had changed the game in France – your correspondent took a flight to Spain. By the measures international finance uses to compare European countries, Spain rates poorly. Yet being ranked at the bottom of these economic league tables has, inexplicably, failed to fix it. What I saw when I arrived in Andalusia, one of the poorest provinces of this financial flashpoint, can best be summed up with two words: tourist attractions.

What do the countries at the centre of the European crisis have in common? On the ground in Spain, the answer is blindingly obvious. Olive trees. Lots and lots of olive trees. More>>

From Werewolf Issue 32. I was on holiday last month so they re-ran The Adventures of Tom, Tagger.

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