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Friday, May 04, 2007

I was increasingly concerned that it would suddenly become a breach of the law not to write a blog post about the Sue Bradford's Section 59 bill. I had a few thoughts that I hadn't seen represented much, but I think I managed to cram them in below. And more.

This was of course before everything got sorted. I have to say I'm most impressed with Helen Clark, but John Key has passed up unsavoury political expediency, for what seems to have been principle.

Even though I don't believe understand it. Though I've added a few nuances since, I'll stand by my initial reaction: "The amendment! It does nothing!"

Think about the following just now it occurs to me I should have put something about "getting hammered".

New Hood: "Anti-Shoving" Debate Nears Climax

In recent years a number of anti-violence campaigners have decried the "reasonable force in the pursuit of beer" defence for assault under the Crimes Act. They claim that it constitutes explicit acceptance of violence in society, and further, that it has been used in court to justify actions that were entirely unreasonable, some causing serious injury.


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