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Monday, January 28, 2008

New Hood: Reasons 'Kiwi Party' Is An Appropriate Name

From the person who brought you:
I'm dismayed that some in the media are saying that I quit United Future because I did not like Peter Dunne using his conscience vote to support the Anti-Smacking legislation. That is a gross misrepresentation of my position...

In my resignation statement on the 16th of May I made it clear that I was resigning "for a number of reasons and, in particular, because I desire to be involved in a party which listens to the people and has a clear commitment to the repeal of the Anti-Smacking Bill". In answer to questions I made it clear that the United Future Party was unable to make a policy commitment to repeal because its Leader, Peter Dunne, was in favour of the legislation.
Independent MP Gordon Copeland today denied the claim made by Labour Minister Annette King (during question time in Parliament today) that he had agreed to a two-tier proposal for natural/alternative dietary supplements etc as part of the Therapeutics Products Bill.

"I did agree to consider such a proposal - in fact I made such a proposal to Annette King - but in the end made a firm decision against it," said Mr Copeland.
Independent MP Gordon Copeland today advised that he had advised the Party’s Board that he was stepping down as co-leader of Future New Zealand (now The Kiwi Party).

“I have stepped aside as co-leader in order to focus on my responsibilities as an Independent Member of Parliament and Deputy Chair of the Commerce Committee during a busy election year,” said Mr Copeland.
Just imagine all those deputy chairs who have electorates must be.

Incidentally, as a correspondent points out, whatever the appropriateness the the Kiwi Party's name, their slogan ('New Zealanders Voting For Themselves') must be the most accurate to come along in a while.

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