Lyndon Hood - presser & releaser, Wellington

Friday, June 27, 2008

New Hood: Anti-Smacking Amendment Vindicated By Police Trial

This is why I think parents should on no account be allowed tasers.

Other news:
  • Among Judith Collins' attacks on MSD Bureaucrats at questions time: "Well, is it not true that the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research also noted: 'Nearly 50 percent of MSD’s policy papers were of average quality or below.'...?"

    I laughed. Is it not true that 'average' means 50% are above and 50% below? They might well mean something else there, but nonetheless. Also, is it not true that the quote might be taken to imply more than 50% were of average quality or above?

  • A "pan industry open letter to all political parties" (I note none of the signatories actually directly make pans) had an attachment making industry-by-industry comparisions of ETS subsidies between Europe and NZ. With dinky little clip art pics for each industry. Which doesn't do much for their credibility with me, but does prove they are indeed employers.

  • George Carlin, as everyone else has said by now, died. Not just a comic, but possibly the nicest poster boy for free speech I can think of. Transcript of the seven dirty words monologue from the FCC vs Pacifica case. I may have used the wrong version in this Critic article I once wrote about swearing.

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