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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A couple of my pictures have developed some independence lately, two of them in a good way:

This is about the first time, looking through the logs, that I've particularly noted referrers from Google images. Perhaps this is because some of them were odd. Searches for "things" or "do", for example (words from the title of the column). I was on the first page of results for both at the time. The "do" searcher came from Google Hungary or Czechoslovakia - whichever language it is, I worry about what "do" means.

That one was also mentioned on the radio in a rather flattering comment from Jim Mora on the ability of jokes or cartoons to sum up issues. I think he also read the wheel as a dart board - I always enjoy it when people appreciate aspects of my work I didn't put in deliberately.

And then this one

... made the TV news (wait for the end). I should here mention Mr Kevin List for proposing I make a "picture of John Key morphing into Michael Cullen" and that I be quick about it. I also have the impression I owe someone a beer for the on-the-tele thing.


Although not in a way that mentions my name at any stage.


In other news, I was waiting for last week's general debate to come up on the Hansard website so I could confirm attribution for this quote:
He has been on the Māori Affairs Committee since 2002 and knew the real record, but he said that none the less, because that is the party line that the Goebbels department on the ninth floor instructed him to give.
It was, indeed, Christopher "Godwin" Finlayson.

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