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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

it's fantastic isn't it police minister quote tee tshirt

Werewolf V is here.

I wrote a thing for it. It is not all entirely true.

I’m not a great one for keeping commitments made on this blog, but I think I can improve on one column every two months. I don’t think it was just me; is it something in the air? I took to saying they seemed daft enough at the moment without me pointing it out.

Also, it’s been busy at the office. I have done a bit of work in the humour line which may possibly see the light of day at some point.

Anyhow, speaking of press releases, in the meantime I saw In The Loop at the cinema and managed to catch Live At Six at Bats. (Incidentally, I have never been on the Bats waiting list and failed to get in.)

These are interestingly parallel and basically realistic condemnations of the state of mass-consumer politics and media respectively. It’s probably historical utopianism, but those institutions seem to have done for debate the same thing supermarkets did for food.

They also both featured a terrifyingly capable amoral PR fixer, a type which now I think about it is a satire almost by itself. Though In The Loop also made a point of being cruel to him, which was nice.

Another thing they had in common was they made Lyndon feel inadequate.

Note to self: write more stuff.

Arts Festival looks good, by the way (I refer to the programme rather than the visual identity). And I'm not just saying that because of all their wine I drunk at the launch. We will be soliciting reviewers in due course...

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