Lyndon Hood: In American-Spelled Technicolor

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

john key, that's all folks, warner bros, the hobbit
werewolf ยป From The Hood : Looney Toons In Hobbiton

Other things that are awesome
* Cold Comfort Farm
* Four Lions

Seriously, Four Lions is practically my definition of good satire. Though you may want to take precautions against wobbly-camera nausea.

I actually saw it on Sunday, which I guess goes to show nothing gets me to the cinema like professional interest.

That evening I was working on the Werewolf piece. I was wondering if I could think of anything further amusing about the difference between a duck and a rat and got the giggles. For reasons you'll be able to work out when you've seen the movies.

Might be more mention of Cold Comfort at a later date. Is funny.

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Lyndon Hood: Visual rememberer, Wellington

Wednesday, October 06, 2010