Lyndon Hood – Pop Culture Reference, Wellington

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In re 'hacking' of WINZ terminals:

The MSDtrix
And I notice I've neglected a couple of other things I put up on Scoop recently:

Dotcom Who
And a quickie search-and-replace on Bill English's contribution to the non-oversight of the GCSB:
Dotcom Indeminity
The desk lamp is still lighted. Outside the windows, the dawn is slowly breaking.
English is still clutching the dictaphone. There are eight or nine used memory cards on the desk beside him. A widening stain of leaking credibility shows on the left shoulder of his jacket. He is very weak by now, and his voice holds a note of utter exhaustion.

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Lyndon Hood: New Zealand's Answer To A Question Voltaire Never Asked, Lower Hutt

Thursday, October 11, 2012

(Candide: Or, Toryism)
When I was last in France, I came across a manuscript hidden behind a panel in one of the quieter wings of the Louvre palace. (I try to vandalise a major monument whenever I visit in Paris.)

t turned out the single, closely-written sheet was apparently a previously unknown work by Voltaire, who if I remember right was the guy who invented electricity. So the discover might be interesting for some.

Between my schoolboy French and Google Translate I managed to knock out an English version before customs confiscated the original under some stupid international treaty. More>>

From Werewolf 35.

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