Lyndon Hood - More Than Meets The Eye, Wellington

Friday, September 07, 2007

Having had it Public Address'd and Spare Room'd, it thought I'd add the might of Fighting Talk to the traffic-referring juggernaught:

New Hood: Moorephing

Made, I should say, on a PC using the reasonably useful, fun and free WinMorph. The last Helen Clark was two morphs spliced together with CombiMovie (which may be responsible for slightly inconsistent playback in Quicktime). Also among the various other ultimately redundant software I downloaded during days of on-and-off trying make things work was the useful set of command-line flash tools swftools.

Overall if the videos don't play, I blame Microsoft*. And be grateful. At one pooint they may have crashed your browser.

* I will accept offers of more effective code, but I will still blame Microsoft for making it necessary.

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