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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Hood: Nat Email Hacked In Parallel Universe

I'll note here that the laptop I used for the picture is by a japanese guy and apparently it actually works.

The shameless quality of the hacking assertion reminds me of the time Gerry Brownlee, as the disaster contol for National's 2005 campaign - and therefore a busy man - told National Radio (as it was called at the time) that, as campaign manager, Stephen Joyce's job was to see that before speeches Don had a cup of tea and the right number of chairs were put out.

Now it think about it, that also was also an effort to discredit evidence that came via Hager, though I don't remember if we knew that at the time.

Anyhow - this sort of thing does not claim the moral high ground.

Elsewhere, it looks like Fairfax's PR could do with some more subeditors:
Fairfax Media, New Zealand's largest newspaper, magazine and web publisher, is again seeking the country's young journalism prospects for its journalism intern scheme and, after training at five leading journalism schools, to join publications or websites of their choice.
The rest of the release isn't a model of style either. Not that I make any special claims in that department. Witness certain baroque sentence constructions above.

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