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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A couple of my pictures have developed some independence lately, two of them in a good way:

This is about the first time, looking through the logs, that I've particularly noted referrers from Google images. Perhaps this is because some of them were odd. Searches for "things" or "do", for example (words from the title of the column). I was on the first page of results for both at the time. The "do" searcher came from Google Hungary or Czechoslovakia - whichever language it is, I worry about what "do" means.

That one was also mentioned on the radio in a rather flattering comment from Jim Mora on the ability of jokes or cartoons to sum up issues. I think he also read the wheel as a dart board - I always enjoy it when people appreciate aspects of my work I didn't put in deliberately.

And then this one

... made the TV news (wait for the end). I should here mention Mr Kevin List for proposing I make a "picture of John Key morphing into Michael Cullen" and that I be quick about it. I also have the impression I owe someone a beer for the on-the-tele thing.


Although not in a way that mentions my name at any stage.


In other news, I was waiting for last week's general debate to come up on the Hansard website so I could confirm attribution for this quote:
He has been on the Māori Affairs Committee since 2002 and knew the real record, but he said that none the less, because that is the party line that the Goebbels department on the ninth floor instructed him to give.
It was, indeed, Christopher "Godwin" Finlayson.

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Lyndon Hood - suggester, Wellington

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Hood: Things To Do About Winston Peters

Sort of a case of donee kebab.

I was going to add a few bonus suggestions here, but then I realised they would just be the ones I didn't like enough to put in the actual column.

And right now I actually just feel sorry for him on account of his mum.

Anyhow, in lieu of more Winston jokes, here's something that amused me while looking at the headline "Te Wiki o te Reo Maori puts Maori language online".

Would it not, I said to myself, be funny if it the site was a wiki.

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Lyndon Hood - malcontent, Wellington

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Hood: Protest Briefs

Includes: Truckies Win General Election; Protestors March Against Annette King; McVicar welcomes Peter Low to ''Hardline Punishment Lobbyists With Some Really Kooky Opinions'' Club; Mark Resolves Thorny PR Issue.

It's all very well that transport is the life blood of the economy, but somebody has to pay for the veins.

On another topic, I like to believe somebody won an office pool by getting the TV3 presenter (I think) to say that South African rugby player was "receiving treatment for a groin injury but there are no hard feelings".

And if anybody wants to send Flying Spaghetti Monster DVDs to schools, I'm in.

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Lyndon Hood - quoter, Wellington

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Recently I've noticed a couple of joint-minister government statements that say things like this:
“The focus of several of the reforms is on reducing tax costs for businesses,” Finance Minister Michael Cullen and Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said today.
It makes me smile when I imagine the two of them delivering their quotes in a kind of dutiful chorus.

I once wrote a press release for I play I was doing in Dunedin. I actually did make a point of saying the quotes out loud. Feel free to speculate about the way my mind works.


Lyndon Hood - Scientifictional, Wellington

New Hood: Nat Email Hacked In Parallel Universe

I'll note here that the laptop I used for the picture is by a japanese guy and apparently it actually works.

The shameless quality of the hacking assertion reminds me of the time Gerry Brownlee, as the disaster contol for National's 2005 campaign - and therefore a busy man - told National Radio (as it was called at the time) that, as campaign manager, Stephen Joyce's job was to see that before speeches Don had a cup of tea and the right number of chairs were put out.

Now it think about it, that also was also an effort to discredit evidence that came via Hager, though I don't remember if we knew that at the time.

Anyhow - this sort of thing does not claim the moral high ground.

Elsewhere, it looks like Fairfax's PR could do with some more subeditors:
Fairfax Media, New Zealand's largest newspaper, magazine and web publisher, is again seeking the country's young journalism prospects for its journalism intern scheme and, after training at five leading journalism schools, to join publications or websites of their choice.
The rest of the release isn't a model of style either. Not that I make any special claims in that department. Witness certain baroque sentence constructions above.

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